Shop Ferrantes - About Us - Spokane Gift Shop features the very best of the gift shop inside Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe in Spokane. 

Robbie and Tony Ferrante cooked up the idea for their Italian eatery while planning their wedding reception. Both came from families that are passionate about one thing — food.  So with the help of family recipes, which had been passed down for generations, Robbie and Tony opened Ferrante’s Marketplace Cafe in 2004.

You can still find Ferrante family recipes on the menu, cousins behind the counter, and Robbie stocking the marketplace.

Food continues to be a passion for the couple.
They expanded in 2019 by opening Honey Pig BBQ in north Spokane. The Garland District hotspot serves traditional fire pit barbecue each Friday. You’ll find Tony there each week manning the pit as the brisket smokes for 12-hours over Green Bluff applewood.